Alterna® Prepaid Mastercard® - Transfer and Share Money

Transfer or Share Money with Your Alterna® Prepaid Mastercard®

The AlternaCard App lets you share and transfer money with family and friends. You can transfer money in real time1 card-to-card from your Alterna Prepaid Mastercard to a Referral Card issued by a bank in Mexico2 (COMING SOON). You can also share money in real time with other Alterna cardholders in the U.S. To transfer or share money, login to MYACCOUNT on this site or in the AlternaCard App and go to “MOVE MONEY”. You can then select either “TRANSFER” for Mexico (COMING SOON) or “SHARE” for within the United States3. Click here for instructions on sharing money via the Alterna Mobile App.

How to Enroll Family & Friends in Mexico for Their Own Prepaid MasterCard/Referral Card2,4? COMING SOON.

At the time of enrollment or after you receive your card, you can enter some basic information for family or friends in Mexico to assist them in enrolling for their own prepaid Mastercards issued by a bank in Mexico. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Enter name, phone number and email address of your loved ones.
  2. That information will be sent to our bank in Mexico who will send them a link via What’s App as a way for them to enroll for their card.
  3. Your family/friend will receive their personalized Prepaid Mastercard via Special Delivery and will be given instructions on how to activate their card.
  4. You can begin transferring money to your family & friends once they inform you that their card has been activated. Login to MYACCOUNT on this site or in the AlternaCard App and go to “MOVE MONEY”, then select “TRANSFER” and follow the instructions provided.
  5. Your family/friends will have access to their own mobile app that will allow them to make purchases, pay bills, reload with cash and make withdrawals from ATMs.

Transferring Funds from your U.S. Alterna Card to Referral Cards in Mexico.

Real Time Card-to-Card Funds Transfer to Mexico COMING SOON.

Before transferring money onto your Family’s Referral card, contact them to be sure that the amount you are sending does not exceed their card balance limit or the limit they can receive per month.

Sharing Funds from your U.S. Alterna Card to other Alterna Cards

  1. Receipt of funds is contingent upon connectivity and an approved card issued by the recipient’s bank.
  2. First National Bank is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse the recipient’s bank nor the card issued by the recipient’s bank.
  3. For a full list of Fees and Limits please refer to the Cardholder Agreement.
  4. The bank in the receiving country may impose lower limits.